Meaning of the Houses

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1st House (Rising sign, Ascendant)
The self and the physical body, the persona, how we go into the world: doorway into the chart

2nd House
Personal finances, land and money. Personal values, what we are attracted to —possessions, beauty, sense of security.

3rd House
Communication, thought patterns, interactions with people, learning abilities, technology, paperwork, short-distance trips, errands, siblings and neighbours, lower education and elementary schools,

4th House
Domestic environment, the actual physical home and the relationship with the mother, emotional root, inner self.

 5th House
Creativity, play, romance, entertainment and children.

6th House
Work ethic, health issues, attention to detail, service to others, work environment.

7th House
Marriage, relationships, partnerships, lower courts and open known enemies.

8th House
Sex, death, taxes, insurance, inheritances and other peoples' money (shared resources). Deep transformation.
9th House
Long-distance travel, world cultures, higher education, religion, philosophy, publishing and higher courts. Philosophy and soul expansion. Belief systems.

10th House
Career, authority figures, father, public reputation, public persona.

11th House
Groups, acquaintances ,  humanitarian nature, hopes and wishes and how those goals are achieved. The collective.    In-laws and grandparents, charitable and non-profit organizations

12th House
Hidden stuff, secrets, the subconscious mind, dreams, secret enemies, hospitals, prisons, large institutions, orphanages, past lives, self undoing,  karma.

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