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"Chirology (Chiro – hand, ology – the study of) is the technical name for Palmistry or Hand Reading. Chirology is the study of the dermatoglyphics (finger prints), shape and weight and of the hand. These areas of the hand reveal insight into all aspects of a person including, health, emotional traits and psychological strengths and weakness.

The hands are more intrinsically linked to the brain than any other part of the body. The dermatoglyiphics and palmer markings give huge insight into the functioning of a person as the skin and brain are both formed from the same embryonic tissue, ectoderm. The skin, nervous system and brain cannot be separated, and are expressed primarily through the dermotoglyphics and palmar creases. The shape, size and the weight of the hand is dictated by hormones, which show physical needs and capabilities of the persons as well as conjunctive mental traits. The palmar lines show cognitive activity, as well as a reflection of the nervous system." Lawrence Rook

The hand is definitely a fascinating thing. Together the hands contain  information that can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself; everything from your basic tendencies to  how you function in the world. A hand reader looks at  a variety of hand features, from hand shape to skin texture to direction and quality of lines; all together they tell a story about your strengths and weaknesses, you tendencies and  proclivities, your gifts and challenges. I am continually impressed by how much information our hands contain.

Combining that information with the insights provided by an Astrology Chart adds a rounder fuller picture of who we are.  The finger prints alone are amazing in what they can reveal.

In a standard  reading,  I combine Hand Reading with  Astrology Chart Interpretation to help uncover the secret of your life's purpose and challenges. While I do give an overview of current events and influences,  the focus in your reading will be  on personal /psychology/soul evolution, rather than prediction of events,  with the  goal  to support you in  a better understanding of who you are!

About me: I am a practicing Astrologer and  have studied Hand reading/Chirology over many years with Johnny Fincham, considered by many to one of  England's top Hand Reading experts. You can go to his website for more information on Handreading/Chirology:

Astrology/Hand Reading Combo  (from myself) at Aurum Astrology are available in person  or by Skype $150 1.5 hr

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