'Art n Soul' Collage

Upcoming Meetup Calgary Sunday April 9th

 Afternoon Collage Session:  1- 4:00 PM
Cost $25 

Please RSVP to artnsoulcalgary@gmail.com

Materials and Refreshments  provided.

About Art and Soul Collage 

‘Art and Soul’ Collage is a simple and easy collage process that  helps us to express our inner self via visual imagery. It's a fun, safe, and inspiring way to get in touch with various aspects of our psyche in a group setting  (although of course you can do it anytime anywhere). All you need is some card, scissors, glue, and magazines, oh, and your willingness to be drawn by the images; they will call out to you.


Showing/sharing  our completed cards is a lot of fun.

Inspired by and based on “SoulCollage® created by Sheena B. Frost, 'Art and Soul' Collage is my own local version of this wonderfully creative and satisfying collage process. No artistic training required: Anyone can do it.

One by one we make our own deck of cards - each collage card representing one aspect of our personality or Soul. Similar to dream work or astrology, we explore  symbols and archetypes that are operating in our inner selves,  or acting on us in our outer lives. It's a wonderful discovery process as we work in silence, perusing the images provided from magazines etc and seeing how  certain images seem to draw us.

When we are finished each card, we quietly ask it  'Who are you?'   Then, we share the answer with the group  (if we want).

  'I am the one who...'

Creative Dance
The answer might be different each time:

"I am the One who is full of expressive, dynamic and powerful creative energy."

" I am the one who craves movement and stability at the same time. "

"I am the one who remembers how good it feels to express myself creatively"

Or ... we can give the card a title:

Visioning the Way Forward

Either way, the visual images help us get in touch with our underlying emotions, ideas, and creativity. They can also help us face our problems.

"I am the one who carries so much."

"I am feeling overwhelmed."


In this  simple way, we get in touch with inner emotions. 
No art training required. The images do the work for you. 
The group holds a safe space to share whats going on for you.

Its a simple, safe and inspiring way to get in touch with parts of our psyche; our strengths, our joys, our challenges.   There are no 'right' or 'wrong' interpretations, just an infinite possibility of insights into our own self.

Once we have built up our own personal  'deck'... we can  use the cards intuitively to answer life's questions and participate in self-discovery.

Sheena Frost describes SoulCollage® as a way to "joyfully deepen your understanding of the relationships between your personality parts, you and your family/community/world, and you and your dreams, symbols, and Spirit.”

 I enjoy  linking our local 'Art and Soul' Collage process to  current  astrological themes.  At the start of a session I do a short guided visualization to help activate our intuitive right brain, adding imagery that pertains to the current New or Full Moon energy. You don't have to be into astrology... it's just a way to set the tome for the session. The rest is your own personal process.

I am also planning 'ART N SOUL COLLAGE WEEKEND workshops, such as Intro to Astrology using 'Art n Soul' Collage ...  where we will explore our astrology chart via this visual method.


If you 'like' the  NEW FB PAGE : ART N SOUL COLLAGE ... you can learn more, share your own images and keep in touch with local events.

All the best,

Sue the Raven,
'Art and Soul' Collage Calgary

sueravenart@gmail.com or

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