Monday, 26 June 2017

Push comes to Shove

Watch what you say - and be careful what you believe.

This week - simple misunderstandings can trigger volatile reactions. 

Mercury in Cancer makes us very sensitive to what others are thinking and saying (or not saying).  Mercury  (thinking/ communicating) in tension with Jupiter(expansion/ exaggeration) ~ with the added influence of Neptune (creativity/ deception) is stirring up and confusing our emotions with our thinking. 

This is an excellent mix for stimulating creativity and self expresso - unleashing a multitude of ideas and images to be harnessed and expressed. So get out your journal m, your camera, your paints  and have at er!  

If you haven't been paying enough attention to your creative side - nows a great time to start!  
(see link above for Art n Soul Collage - an excellent method  anyone can use  to get in touch with the creative part of themselves. You know you want to! There's online resources and gatherings all over the world that anyone can do ir attend. 

Meanwhile -  things can get a bit  tricky  in our interpersonal dynamics (Jupiter in Libra)

Mercury - when added to Jupiter - tends to exaggerate. Bigly!  Add Mars - highly reactive - and Neptune (deception/ denial) and things can easily get out of hand. 

Always double check facts and be willing to admit you could be wrong- no matter how right you think you are!

Thankfully - Jupiter's benevolent  presence also bestows good luck and protection - just don't push your luck - lol!  A sense of humour can get us out of those right spots we may find ourselves in.


As we  head toward a somewhat volatile Full Moon on July 8/9 (Mars opposite Pluto) we need to be extra conscious of what we put out there in the next days/weeks leading up to it. 

Both the Summer Solstice  and the New Moon in Cancer brought an emphasis to emotional integration and healing. Many (most?) of our triggers and reactions tend to be rooted in the past - patterns laid down in childhood underlay many if the core beliefs that are still with us today. 

Who told you you weren't  good enough - smart enough - attractive enough - strong enough? 

The recent New Moon in Cancer reoresents a chance to press the reset button.  It's time to let go of all that negative programming and undertsand our intrinsic value as human beings. We don't have to remain victims of our past.

Yet to move forward consciously - there may be inner work to be done so we can be more aware of how those triggers effect and control us in those subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

It's very easy to self sabatoge or get sideswiped by others emotional baggage right now - and we'll never know what hit us! (You know like those people on the train or subway with a huge backpack and they turn around and knock you off your feet!) 

Yet there is tremendous potential for big shifts and breakthroughs if we can use this energy rather than let it use us!

According to Evolutionary Astrology - Pluto represents the souls evolutionary  journey - showing where we've been - and where we are going. It's polarity point (opposite) points to where we need to focus. Right now that point is in the sign of Cancer (opposite Pluto in Capricorn).

The sign of Cancer is about home, family and nurturing, and is ultimately about getting in touch with our feelings. Emotional intelligence requires we and heal those wounded parts, so we can be whole and healthy human beings. Self love is the message of the day - which may sound narcissistic - and could be if it's merely self aggrandizatiin (to cover up feeling small)- but ultimately it's about knowing our own worth.

As Pluto, also known as 'The Destroyer', breaks down and shakes down old structures, authority systems , governments etc. (Capricorn) - we may be left feeling vulnerable, insecure, and uncertain. And that mix - when stirred up by Mars as it is currently - can make us extremely reactive and defensive. 

Mars in Cancer will help us to stand up to defend our family, and our loved ones, si can be useful when facing any adversity or challenge in our home life. 

As our survival instincts get triggered (Mars/Omuto) we must choose between love or fear. Ever hear that saying that fear is the opposite of love?

True self love is our natural state. Every child reflects so much innocence and purity and beauty - and that's who we all are inside.

So - as always these days- the call is to stand up - wake up know who we are - honour who we are - and therefore - honour each other.

Cause we are all in this together! 

P.s. A majour solar eclipse in Leo - is crossing the US on August 21st. Between now and then the focus will continue to be  emotional healing and release. 

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