Friday, 9 June 2017

Full Moon in Sagittarius : Onward and upward!

Today's Full Moon in Sagittarius is asking us to let go of our preconceptions and take a big step out of our comfort zone.  The Sagittarius-Gemini polarity highlights the tension between Gemini rationality versus Sagittarian intuition. 

There is a quantum point that lies between the two and we are sitting on it! 

 Both Sagittarius (Moon) and Gemini (Sun) are two of the most open minded and expansive signs of the zodiac, yet Gemini (Sun), eternally curious,  tends to question everything to the point that we can never quite settle on any one answer. This need for variety brings a welcome multiplicity of view points, yet in the end, choices must be made.  Gemini can be a Peter Pan that never wants to grow up. Saturn right beside the Moon tells us we've got to now - and take responsibility for whats going on in our lives. Choices made now matter.  

Its likely that some will be finding it hard to discern right from wrong;  confusion and wishful thinking (Neptune) can interfere now with clear decision making. Yet at the same time,  rational thinking is not enough. While not throwing out logic entirely, our choices must draw on our deeper intuition; endless fact-seeking wont solve this for you I'm afraid. And nether will your fantasies.

Some part of you already knows the answer to the questions you are asking. Do you want to swim in the sea of questions forever - or do you want to know? Sagittarius is the sign that bridges  belief into knowing - by giving us an expanded view and helping us tap into our higher self.

With our core  beliefs  under scrutiny (Saturn in Sagittarius), we need to challenge those internal authoritative voices (parents, teachers,society) with their pre-programmed ideas of what is "correct".  Are you able to admit that what you 'believe' is not necessarily true? Who told you that in the first place?  It's time to tap into our own inner authority and become the master of our own destiny.  

This Full Moon asks us to step up to the plate once again - and make concrete choices - based on the true wisdom of our own inner authenticity (Sagittarius) - rather than the limited ideas of the ego/conditioned mind (Gemini).  To get into alignment with our highest self means letting go of our limited self. Yikes!  Old doubts, old stories (Gemini) that aren't relevant any more will come to the surface to be released. It may not be readily discernible which ones are real and which are lies.

Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees. Sometimes a forest is a good place to hide.

With Neptune creating confusion and uncertainty, and Saturn urging caution,  don't expect easy answers or quick fixes. Sometimes the right choice is not the easy one, or the one we want to hear.

 And, on top of everything else,  we have to do all this while negotiating with other people who are trying to figure out the same stuff! 

 Relationships are always more emphasised at Full Moons (opposites attract) and with Jupiter in Libra (love, harmony, relationships) that emphasis especially strong.   Our interactions with others bring out the best and the worst  of us.  If you want to see what your key issues are, your relationships will show you.

I'm not just talking romance - there are many types of relationships - although Venus, ruler of Libra, IS all about love. Jupiter has been in backward motion in Libra for several months now, and its turning around the very next day after this Full Moon is highly significant -  marking a majour turning point to any interpersonal issues you have been mulling over recently.  If you have felt held back lately - its time to begin moving forward again. That may involve making some difficult choices. Or, given the amount of letting go we've had to do over the last year, it may mean accepting the choices that have already been made.

Either way, wherever the Moon (19 degrees Sagittarius) lands in your chart  a big shift can occur (see tab at top of web page for 'Houses' - which show specific areas of focus) 

Overall-  an open door is beckoning (Full Moon in Sagittarius) and although some of us may hesitate to walk through  due to doubts (Saturn) or confusion (Neptune) - it is possible now to have the courage to move onward and upward into new  territory.  It is time to move through that doorway.

You know you want to!

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