Sunday, 28 May 2017

One step at a time!

The Moon has been  in the homey sign of Cancer over the weekend - emphasizing  feelings and family - and today tension with Pluto is likely activating some of our deepest  emotional triggers. 


It's easy to feel small in the midst of intense emotions- especially in the midst of so much global upheaval and change. We easily forget that we live in an awesome - (if somewhat overwhelming)  universe. It's hard to see the forest for the trees!


Attachments/loss/self defensiveness/ abandonment issues/control issues etc. can make us more emotionally reactive than usual. 

This points to a need to change something about the way we respond to emotional triggers. 


Relationship tensions and patterns (Venus/Pluto) can be traced back to childhood  conditioning (love - or lack of)  It is said that by the time we are five - most of our self concept has been etched into our psyche. 

We now have the ability to understand and transform those patterns - so we can begin moving toward the life/love we want to have.



The New Moon in Gemini on Wed. brought an opportunity to reset our thinking patterns - and a high percentage of those unconscious attitudes likely arose out of our early conditioning (racism/ sexism/protectionism/ fear/cultural bias/addictions/compulsions etc) 

Although it may not happen all at once - a quantum shift is now possible as we get shaken out of our complacency. Part of this means questioning our assumptions.

When we start asking questions / instead of trying to have all the answers about how life works - we really can expand our reality exponentially. 

It may not be easy but it is necessary. 

 "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

Let the adventure begin!


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