Saturday, 18 November 2017

New Moon today in Scorpio: Watch your step! Make your move. Set your intention.

Scorpio is the sign of death, transformation and rebirth. One of its symbols is the phoenix – a mythical bird that dives into the flames and emerges anew from the ashes. This New Moon is about not only stepping into not only a new cycle - but into a new you.

When the Sun and Moon align - they create a sacred union of masculine and feminine energies – called the Sacred Marriage or ‘Conjunctio’. That marriage creates an alchemical mix that produces new energy – and in this case - unexpected results. There are several aspects to this particular New Moon that point to another majour shift in our relationships. Continue to expect the unexpected!

Jupiter in Scorpio has been stirring up sexual issues on a grand scale… and with Venus (love, beauty, women) still hanging out nearby – there has been a particular focus on women and sexuality. It’s not been pretty and it has not been nice – but you might say things are starting to get real. This stuff has been going on for literally ages – Jupiter is merely magnifying  and bringing to the surface some very entrenched sexual attitudes and behaviours. 

Speaking your truth has never been more important – while at the same time, what the truth is exactly has never been so ambiguous. With Neptune continually blurring the boundaries, fake news abounds, and the illusions and projections continue.

Be very very careful before you judge anyone.

Both Mercury and Uranus are called trickster planets. Mercury retrograde can mess with your mind – Uranus messes with your nervous system. Some of us are getting hit with a mega dose of super charged high voltage energy. Personally - Mars, Uranus and Pluto are all hitting me in a big way.  Meditation – chi gong – lots of walks – are helping keep it grounded and fluid. Not easy. If you've been hit by a Uranus transit -  you will know what I mean. Restless- cant sleep – hyper vigilant- wound up – looking over your shoulder.

At its best - Uranus represents the higher mind. It can bring sudden flashes of insight, intuitive knowledge -  genius moments. This energy has been operating all year- many of  the erratic and unusual events we have been witness to can be put to both Uranus and Eris (dwarf planet) close by. Eris is the female shit disturber - goddess of discord.

Are we having fun yet?!

Unexpected meetings can occur under this New Moon –sudden fateful encounters that are life changing. You won’t see it coming  - it might be months later you look back and realize everything has changed (for better or for worse).

The two main planets linked to Scorpio ( Mars and Pluto) – are in extreme tension with each other at the moment. This will powerfully colour the atmosphere over the next few days - and effects will ripple out for weeks. This highly combustible duo can trigger anything from emotionally charged upsets to accidents – to violent blow ups. Road rage will be more likely. Stay calm. Some will feel this as great internal pressure – others will have difficult encounters. And – as always – some will feel nothing at all -  that's the fun of all this – its not random - it totally depends on your personal sign, chart etc.

If you are a Scorpio or have strong Scorpio in your chart (Rising or Moon) you will probably feel it. If you were born mid to late 50’s you will probably feel it (Pluto in Late Leo). This summer's eclipse point is being triggered as well – aiyaiyai - so – hmmm – a LOT of us will feel it.

The overall sense I get of this New Moon is that it is setting the tone for more big wake/shake ups. It is passionate, intense, unsettling, dramatic - potentially liberating (if we can avoid the extremes); basically the next step in getting us to re-align with our true self – through shocking us out of our complacency. As we shed one more piece of unnecessary emotional baggage – we will be realigning our relationships as well. This process has been going on for a few years now as the astrology pulls us toward greater responsibility for each other and the world around us.

 I just read a warning  about the tendency for  ‘buried anger or reactivity to energetically emerge’ (TimePassages) That's an understatement! 

Have an escape route handy!

Remember in the last post I talked about how Scorpio brings up our shadow material (to put it in Jungian terms)- the stuff we have been stuffing down and avoiding. If somethings been building - and you haven’t blown already – you might do so now.  Something/someone has to shift or get off the pot!

What to do? Bang on a drum. Dance - dance - dance. Climb a mountain - do chi gong or martial arts –move some energy. Have juicy sex. Build something. Break something (safely). Change something. 

Be the change….

Our intentions- if held with clarity - will get a  power boost today.

Be careful what you wish for!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

I see a Bad (er New) Moon Rising (in Scorpio)


Bad Moon Rising

I see a bad moon rising.
I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightnin'.
I see bad times today.

Don't go around tonight,
Well it's bound to take your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise.

I hear hurricanes a blowing.
I know the end is coming soon.
I fear rivers over flowing.
I hear the voice of rage and ruin.

Well don't go around tonight,
Well it's bound to take your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise.

Hope you got your things together.
Hope you are quite prepared to die.
Looks like we're in for nasty weather.
One eye is taken for an eye.

Well don't go around tonight,
Well it's bound to take your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise.

Don't come around tonight,
Well it's bound to take your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise.

 John Fogerty/ Creedance Clearwater Revival
Just kidding. Sort of...
The New Moon on Saturday Nov 18th is in the sexy sultry sign of Scorpio.  Some think of Scorpio  as a 'bad' sign - yet it  actually represents the very thing keeps the human race from going extinct - i.e. sex! Why is it that something so beautiful and natural and enjoyable is so fraught with taboo and shame and repression? I am not even going to try to go into that one - but its an example of the power and fear that can surround  Scorpio, because it deals with those things that obsess and entangle us.

As soon as Jupiter moved into Scorpio a few weeks ago the sexual shit really hit the fan. Jupiter expands what it touches- and is about truth and justice and fairness. As so many women rise up and speak their truth about sexual abuse- harassment etc  - it is shaking things up - a LOT. Jupiter is BIG.

Scorpion is also associated with death. Oops. Another taboo subject that we avoid like the plague - (no pun intended)!  We push our old and inform away into institutions - we pretty up our funerals - even to the ridiculous point of covering the dirt with fake green carpet lol ,  or putting make up on a dead body to make it look nice,  or just hiding it away in a box so we don't have to look.

Yup - Good ol' Scorpio!
The third part of this intense sign has to do with shared resources.  Scorpio rules bonding,  joining, sharing – not just in terms of sexual union -  but also financial partnerships/inheritances/taxes.  
 No wonder we are a little bit scared of this sign.

Scorpio is intense.  We are attracted and repelled at the same time - because it reveals our shadows and buried secrets and contains what we sometimes prefer to avoid. 

Ironically - this dark mysterious sign also represents the self renewing, energizing force of life itself.
 A New Moon represents a new start - which in Scorpio means shedding a skin (or two or three). Be prepared to let go - yet again-  of something or someone - some habit-  or belief - or stuck place - to make a little bit more room for  the real you.

If you can find a ritual way to do this - set and state your intentions - write them or sing them (Ive been watching 'The Voice' and very  inspired to sing sing sing lalala ) - release them into a flame or some water  (the ocean, a river, the toilet ). Use this time to reflect on the year (what a year!) and see what it is that has been holding you back. This is a time to be brutally honest with yourself. Not only will you save others from doing that for you - you will  release yourself the heavy task of denying and avoiding all those parts you've been avoiding - you know - those parts you  think make you unlovable. And who knows - maybe once you've done a  moral inventory (honest and fearless look at yourself) - you will discover there is more good than bad. 

Cause there is!

I will sign off now - be back in next day or so with more details about the New Moon in Scorpio Till then - we are entering  the dark of the Moon (Moon blocked by Sun)phase -  time to pause - breathe in- take stock - before we begin anew-  yet again.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Astrology - Understanding The Symphony of Life

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 Welcome to Aurum Astrology - a labour of love.  All about our search for meaning - in relation to the planets and us - and what they can tell us about our place in the universe.

The universe is so big we can hardly begin to fathom its size and scope. The fact that there are multiple universes completely boggles the mind.

So lets zoom down to our own solar system. 

Within the milky way, a symphony is playing,  called the Harmony of the Spheres.  As the planets dance and twirl around the sun - it creates the most wonderful music!   This is because each planet has a distinct vibrational field or sound - and as those fields interact with each other - it creates a universal symphony. Perhaps we cannot hear it on the outside - but perhaps we can feel it (if only on an unconscious level).

NASA has sent probes out to various planets and recorded their magnetic fields - and turned those recordings into sound files. You can listen here:

(Just to be clear:  There is NO sound in space. These are 'sonfications' - representations in sound of electromagnetic radiation.  NASA maps the radio waves into sound frequencies and then digitizes them)

Spiritual texts have long described an inner sound that we can tune into to harmonize with cosmic frequencies.  Although we may not hear it with our outer ears -  we are unconsciously tuned into the music of the spheres on an energetic level.

Each of us is born at a particular moment in time when the planetary energies are combining in a  specific way.

Astrology is at its core about pattern recognition and understanding how those patterns affect our life. As planets move and flow together they create a map or grid of energy that permeates the atmosphere and leaves a stamp on us the moment we are born. That is one reason we need the time of birth - because we want to see exactly where the planets are at that very moment.

The inner planets (closer to earth) move faster and change more quickly- so we look to them for our more personal traits. The outer planets move very, very slowly and describe more generational energies … so for instance the generation born with Uranus (outer) in Cancer were the first to experience a steep  rise in the rate of divorce as their parents (and especially women)  sought freedom (Uranus) from traditional family roles (Cancer) etc etc

When we look at a chart – we begin by looking at each planet – in relation to the sign it is in. So for example – if you have your Moon (emotional patterns) in Capricorn (authoritarian, rules, strict, dutiful) it is going to be very different than if it were in Aquarius (freedom, unusual, detached) etc. Each planet has signs in which they are more comfortable and others where they squirm a little. That too must be taken into account. 

The Moon in this chart is in Leo - proud -  generous - warm hearted - likes to be centre of  attention. It is in the 7th house of relationships - so partnerships will be especially important to someone born today. They will expect a good marriage (Leo is linked to wealth) which enhances their self esteem Moon in Leo). Apsects to the Moon will show if this will come about easily or not.

With the Moon on North Node (Destiny Point) and part of a grand trine (blue triangle)  Relationships (or one relationship) will have a fated feel to it/them. When an outer planet (fate) crosses over this point later in  life - the fated relationship will likely come to pass.

When we look at the section of the chart (house) as planet is in - we can see the specific area that energy will manifest in (see tab at top of webpage for more info on each house). 

First house - Rising Sign  - where the Sun was at our exact time of birth - represents our body-  how others see us - and how we go out into the world.  The Rising Sign /Ascendant is  considered to be one of the most  important parts of a chart by many.

 Planets in signs/areas/houses -  Lets look at another example. If you have Moon  in Aquarius in 4th house – you could have a rather detached (Aq) mother (Moon) or at the very least – rather quirky (Aq) parent (4th - not always the mother) – or some sort of unusual home life. You combine the need for social fun (Aq)and activity and  emotional  freedom of Aquarius - with the strong need for sanctuary in the home (Moon 4th).

With Moon in Aq in 4th you will tend to seek emotional safety (Moon) in your home environment (4th) yet enjoy group activities (Aq). If you could have social events in your home you are most happy, although afterward you will always need time to retreat (Moon 4th).

The next thing we look at is the aspect relationships  between planets. Everything is at its core a vibration.  When planets are in similar degrees - it sets up an energetic resonance between them. Like singing a very high note and a glass shatters - or your guitar strings start to hum when you play your stereo loudly.  

Some planetary interactions are fluid and harmonious – while others contain tension and could be called discordant.

 The friction or tension from the discordant combinations impels us to move – to act or react - and are catalysts for change and growth (squares- oppositions etc)

The easy, smooth flowing interactions help energy flow easily and give us the strength, patience , fortitude, humour etc. to work with life’s challenges (trines, sextiles ).

We all have a combination of both easy and challenging aspects; some of us have chosen an easier life - others have come in to learn in a BIG way. Most of us are somewhere in the middle.

 All of the above descriptors are what an astrologer interprets when they look at your chart. One could describe this complex grid of energies as being like a musical score. 

 There are high tones of intensity or clarity - as well as clashing /discordant notes that set our nerves on edge. When they combine they are symphony of your life, the song your soul is singing in this incarnation.

Certain notes will stand out more than others – others are more subtle or hidden , yet still have a powerful influence in the overall sound of your music.  

 And although we do come in with a particular combination of notes and placements - we can tweak our musical score to get the most and the best out of it. If there is disharmony- like an instrument out of tune – all we need do is tune our instrument to get a better sound.

 Our energy field also shifts and changes over time  - as we tweak and tune and work with the energies we came in with we will get different results. The emphasis will shift over time  as planets in the sky activate particular areas of our chart. So we are never 'stuck' in any one way of being or behaving- even if we do have certain tendencies. 

One way to begin that fine-tuning is to get an Astrology Reading. An  astrological reading is an examination of your  personal musical story – a way to fine tune ourself - to be more in harmony with our own life. By examining the energies at play  – looking at where things are flowing and where they are not- we can adjust our instrument (us) to create a more harmonious experience, within ourself and in our interactions with others.

Although the basic patterns are inherent from birth - they continue to  shift and change -  based on changing influences. For example – a piano will go out of tune when the weather is damp. Violin strings become very tight in a dry climate.

Once we understand our basic score (know the score?) – we  then look at current planetary influences - called transits -  to see what the current weather is like. When a particular energy (current planet crossing key planets) is added to your musical score - it will emphasize that area,  and influence the sound of your chart.

So for instance – when Pluto moves into Aquarius in a few years time – it will crosses over the Moon in Aquarius discussed earlier  – indicating that some kind of majour emotional overhaul will occur. It could come through an internal  crisis (Moon 4th) or an outer societal influence (Aquarius). Emotions will be intensified and some sort of letting go will be required.

Don't worry (if this is you) - we all go through many powerful changes throughout a life time. Every day the planets are moving through the sky and setting off any one of many aspects in your chart. The advantage of knowing the astrology is that you can gain some understanding of the key lessons involved- even if you cannot avoid the actual event.

I find this whole process endlessly fascinating – and there is always more to learn. As astrology reading takes into consideration all of the aboive factors - and many more. It's like putting together a jigsaw puzzle of your life, your music - your story. 

I consider it a sacred privilege to sit with you as we explore the unfolding story of your life. Perhaps that is an astrologer’s gift – to be able to look at a bunch of symbols on a chart and help you to understand the music it represents. However it works – it’s magic, it is fun, and it is well worth the time, money  and effort.

"Socrates said that people make themselves appear ridiculous when they are trying to know obscure things before they know themselves. Plato also alluded to the fact that understanding 'thyself,' would have a greater yielded factor of understanding the nature of a human being."  (Wikepedia)

 "To thine own self be true - and though cans't be false to any man " (or woman).     Shakespeare

“Do you know what you are?
You are a manuscript oƒ a divine letter.
You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.
This universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself;
everything that you want,
you are already that.” 


"Know thyself " Socrates

Saturday, 4 November 2017

All will be well. Full Moon in Taurus cont'd

What I was trying to say in yesterday's very long post - is that there are powerful forces working on us right now - shaking us up - waking us up. These forces may be stirring up old pain/childhood issues/wounding - which will then be manifesting in our  relationships issues around getting the love and acceptance we seek . As those get thrown at us - we can become very defensive and reactive.

It's really easy right now to project on other people - or be projected on - as all this shadow stuff gets thrown around. Tread very carefully. It's up to us to take responsibility for our own feelings and   own our own stuff. And although it is definitely  challenging to deal with this energy, there are powerful spiritual forces there to help us and heal us. We just have to be willing to face the truth.

And the truth is - we are glorious. We are magnificent. Every one of us.

Ok we have our foibles. That's just part of being human. Part of this journey is facing our shadows. Our denied parts. And that can be easier of we know that at our core - we are divine beings ('human 'means divine -man)

We are being re-aligned with our true nature - and in that process -  whatever is not in harmony with who we really are - is being removed. The more we resist -  the harder it will get. So -  surrender - let go and let god (or whatever you want to call your higher self- source - spirit)

The Full Moon in Taurus today says - nurture yourself. Nurture each other. Keep your heart open. Stay grounded.  The love  you are seeking us already inside of you.

All will be well.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Full Heart Moon in Taurus

I'm heading out to a Full Moon ceremony and am publishing this without a great deal of editing. Deal with it!! (hehe) Shorter posts occur most days on FB if you find this too verbose or ponderous.

Another  super duper Full Moon arrives tonight  in the lusty, loving, luscious sign of Taurus - opening our hearts – grounding us in our body – stirring up our deepest heart’s desire. 

As the Moon in Taurus heightens our senses – we delight in touch –smell-sight. This is an excellent time to connect to Nature. Feel the rythms of the earth. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot (I would – except but it’s snowing where I live lol). Chi gong, drumming, sex, massage, food, ritual – are all excellent for grounding the body and tuning into its rhythms.

 This energy is Yin – receptive -  and represents our ability to receive. Notice if you trust that your needs will be met – or do you  tend to grab or over indulge – or numb your anxiety and fear of lack with food, sex, material stuff?  A Taurus Full Moon is the  perfect time to celebrating the abundance in our life (big or small);  a  Thanksgiving Celebration - making a meal into a ritual – sharing it with others – expressing  gratitude. The overall message is 'Enjoy yourself!!

Of course that means different things to different people. Taurus is about our attitudes toward money security -  pleasure etc.  Our Inner resources – talents- gifts- inner sense of self worth -what feeds and nurtures us on inside. What helps us feel safe and our Outer resources  money- relationships -what feeds and nurtures us on outside – including our environment (mother earth- Gaia) 

Knowing what that is will help – we need to be able  to distinguish  between ‘want’ and ‘need’.  Some will find themselves moving beyond something (or someone) they have been attached to – others discover there are  new facets to an existing relationship. 

 There’s an  element of surprise here - yet you still get to choose  (if that makes any sense?

We often suffer when we want what we can't have. Releasing attachments isn’t easy.  Buddhist teachings  say that suffering is caused gy attachment.

Easier said than done!

So how do we change and grow and be free -  yet still obtain the security we crave? How do you make a stick shorter - without breaking it? Put it beside a bigger stick!

The outer  planets . (Jupiter – Neptune- Uranus- Pluto) are linking us to powerful transformational forces that can carry us to the  next stage of our evolution – and bring us closer to acquiring true abundance in our lives.  These are considered ‘transpersonal planets’ that carry archetypal – larger than life energies.

The Full Moon brings things to the surface - shines a light on -  what has previously been hidden in the shadows. Sun in Scorpio has  been stirring up what is hidden, showing us our dark places  – often through the mirror of 'other'. If someone has been pushing your buttons – they are bringing you a great gift by showing you an aspect of yourself you may have been denying or avoiding. When triggered- our unconscious reaction is usually to  blame -  deny - react- (our precious ego is at take after all). It takes great awareness to not get tangled up in projections.   

 Our choice is to accept the gift and see what it shows us about ourself.  This is not an easy process - yet in the end it will  bring more into alignment with who we really are.

A lot of what we identify as ‘us’ is actually layers of adaptation we developed to survive. We all have our default positions – aspects of our persona  – which become so habitual we think that is who we are. Our birth chart can  show what those adaptive patterns are – although at the moment – we just have to look at what’s being triggered - as difficult truths get shoved in our personal or collective  faces. Just remember the tendency to deny or defend is strong right now as our most uncomfortable parts get projected onto others- rather than us owning them as ours.

A current example is the media obsession with Russian hacking – when the US has been doing the same thing for eons. Blame – project- deny. Sigh. It's always the other guy.

If we are brave enough to  look in the mirror - we can reclaim a part of us to become more whole.

If you have been in a push pull  dynamic with someone - the  Full Moon will bring things to a head and allow some healing to occur - by opening our hearts and filling them with compassion for both ourselves and others. The reality is -  we are all in this together.

That doesn't mean staying in a situation that is causing you harm. What is required is true discernment rather than unconscious reaction. 

Venus rules this Full Heart Moon. The planet of love will be shining a light on what we love and value in our life – so we can bring that discernment into play.  Know what is truly important to you - and measure your situation via that. Do you value integrity- honesty- openness. Or are your values more about material security,  wealth, physical comfort?  Perhaps its a mix of both? 'Know your own worth' is a good place to start.

To thine own self be true" (and though cant be false to any wo/man"

there is healing now for those dichotomies and wounds that ave been coming to the surface.  Neptune invokes a higher love - a mystical connection to something beyond petty ego stuff.

This is powerful energy. You may be swept away with  a dreamy magical,  romantic love- or find yourself tapping into something bigger/deeper.   

 There is in all of us a deep longing for perfect love (Neptune Pisces) - the trick is in knowing where to find it. While some of us latch onto another person- others are needing a bit of space. Feelings of disappointment and rejection can actually lead us to a bigger love. You just never know.

 Can we find the middle point between our need for freedom and independence -  and our need for relationship and intimacy.  Uranus presence adds new possibilities to the story being written.   Hope springs eternal. Yet- endings will occur  as well. All I can say is -  expect the unexpected.And don't be attached to outcomes.

"No acting needy. No lusting after outcomes.  Learn how to ask. Learn how to wait. Learn how to go solitary into this world. (Book of Runes) 

And for some - the best is yet to come. 
Jupiter - the  beneficent planet- will be bringing us expansion- joy – good luck. It also tends to exaggerate wherever it travels, which in Scorpio explains the exaggerated and intense reactions of late.  

Both Taurus and Scorpio  are fixed and stubborn -  both focus on sexuality – both link to our survival instincts.  Jupiter in Scorpio has been bringing up secrets  (Hollywood scandals) etc. Pluto adds deeply transformational energy. All of this provides us with the power and ability move beyond limiting situations – either by rewiring the dynamic or giving us the courage to walk away.

Which ever you choose - do it with an open heart. Maintain your  humility, keep in touch with your humanity (i.e. don't hold onto grudges).

 With this Full Moon linking to Ceres- goddess of grain - here is an added  emphasizes on earth – nature-  agriculture  - reminding us to become more aware of the wounding of mother earth. Use your Full Moon ritual to pay tribute to Mother Earth. Commit to recycle. Buy less plastic. Eat organic. Downsize.

Ever since the August Eclipse  wave of massive extreme  weather events – fires - floods –earthquakes has triggered survival fears. People have lost their homes- or their lives, destroying any sense of physical security.

Scorpio Taurus can both trigger  security and survival fears. Both are fixed,  stubborn signs –  though Taurus in particular resists change. But change me must. Most people don't changed until forced into it through some sort of crisis. Scorpio will push into more transformation. Saturn Chiron is about  healing the deep childhood wounds that keep us locked up in fear.   

This Full Moon is also about Truth and Power. The Power of Truth? It often means facing uncomfortable truths about ourselves or our behavior - and knowing that -  in the end- the truth will set us free!

Deep spiritual truths are being revealed now to help us out of the mess we’re in. Neptune (intuition, creativity, divine love) is flowing beautifully with Jupiter  (joy- expansion- good luck) – showering us with a positive – mystical - magical  energy  that is deeply healing – raising us up – connecting us to a higher love – rekindling our faith in the universe.

With this Full Moon (after you enjoy your scrumptious celebratory meal) take some time to feel deeply into your soul . Can you hear it singing? Why not sing back!

In terms of the choices - the changes - the angst: Remember to focus on the solution -rather than the problem (what we focus on grows).  We are all powerful manifesters.  Use your creativity to see the desired outcome  as already occurring. Open to new possibilities – open your heart - and let it be so.

You know you want to..